Cleaning mortar from brick : How to start window cleaning business : How to clean a shower floor.

Cleaning Mortar From Brick

cleaning mortar from brick

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76% (18)

Finished brickwork 0017

Finished brickwork 0017

This is the view from my side. so we are looking at the inside face of the wall.

Notice how the wall at the far end is angled towards my green shed. The old wall that was here before was crooked so we had to respect the established boundaries and retain the angle.

I was disappointed with the quality of the final finish. I've had a brick wall built before by another builder and the finish was much cleaner.

There is a lot of mortar on the bricks, particularly over the blue bricks which run along the top.

The final stage is slotting in the fence panels between the concrete pillars. This will hopefully be completed over the weekend.



The finished product. We were delighted to find that the fireplace had been built in front of the plaster wall, so all we need to do is remove the mortar, fill some holes, sand, clean, and repaint. Bricks are stacked for re-use, and tomorrow morning is clean-up of the mortar and dust. At least we found a use for the lovely orange carpet from upstairs.

cleaning mortar from brick

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