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How To Clean A Fitted Hat

how to clean a fitted hat

    how to
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un-bewitching my old apartment

un-bewitching my old apartment

This witches' hat was found all over my old apartment in the time I lived there. Mostly it was found on top of my television.

I don't even remember what it was originally bought for or who the original owner was (I'm guessing myself).

But I remember putting it on top of my televsion to symbolize a break-up with one of my exes. That seemed fitting at the time.

This witches' hat no longer resides anywhere near me.

The air conditioner was a gift from my grandpa when he modernized his own place. It never saw a window because I don't think I could figure out how to balance it due to the fact it was not built for the shape of a Chicago window.

87/365 Spring Cleaning: dC Edition

87/365  Spring Cleaning: dC Edition

3.28.11 I've been waiting to put this together for awhile. Complete Wardrobe Closet / Drawer Revamp. All the hanged items rearranged n' makes more sense, I consolidated my black & white T's, I managed to fit all the colors in one drawer, the hoodies, formerly where my hats now reside ^-^, I crammed n' fit them in the open drawer :D. N' my ties now reside in one of my mini drawers n' i believe i have a whole accessory section well on it's way. We'll see how long this lasts ;P lol

how to clean a fitted hat

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